why are we renovating?

Our goal in this renovation is to create an environment that says ‘Welcome Home’ to today’s church family, tomorrow’s guests, and future generations that will call Central their home.

We need to bring our facilities up to ADA COMPLIANCE to welcome people of all abilities. We want to provide a COMFORTABLE environment for people of all ages and life stages. We are creating spaces for people to CONNECT both relationally and spiritually. Our main purpose for this building is to corporately CELEBRATE Jesus as King!

Every gift is significant

We can all make a difference! Check out these items to see what your gift would cover.

how can I partner?


  • We will announce any changes to our schedule and meeting locations through our normal ways of communicating over social media, e-mail and church texts. We will try to give ample time for any foreseen changes. 

  • Your gift can be given in the following ways: 

    • Cash (envelope marked “Renovation” with your designation noted if applicable) 
    • Check (write “Renovation” and your designation on the memo line if applicable
    • PushPay (select “Renovation” as your Giving Type and type your designation in the memo field if applicable)
  • Our initial submission date for the Partnership Cards is April 3rd, but you are welcome to give throughout the duration of the entire renovation.

  • No. With a combination of the church’s current Capital Funds and our Giving Goal, this project will be completely paid for without any new debt.

  • No. Our missions and benevolence funds are both fully functional and in a very healthy place financially. We will continue to give to all of our missionaries and local ministries, along with caring for the needs of our local body.  In addition, all ministry departments have budgets approved for this year that will allow them to function as planned, with room to grow.

  • Our goal is to steward all our possessions with excellence, new and old. Anything that is salvageable that is being removed during renovations will be offered for donation to another ministry or organization, or sold to reduce the cost of the overall project.

  • E-mail norawarnock@centralconnect.org and Nora will get your question to the correct person.