Our 4-part approach to missions


While we would love to send support everywhere there is a need, we have found that a bigger impact can be made on a smaller scale.


Having a clear purpose for reaching an area allows us to focus time, energy & resources in the most effective way possible.


For us building relationships is key. We want to know who it is we are reaching - to put a name to a face makes all the difference in the world.


We don't want to simply visit an area or region once and never return. We believe we are called to make a lasting investment in the areas and communities we serve. In order to do that we must minister and visit as often as we can.

Central Ministry Center

Our Central Ministry Center officially launched in June of 2018 and is located at 832 Governors Circle in the heart of the Washington Estates community. The purpose for the Center is to be a place of hope, peace and joy to the people of Washington Estates while also showing them the love of God. 

El Salvador - isla tasajera

This island has captured the heart of the people at Central. The Isla Tasajera community has allowed us to truly live out our Mission statement to go deep and go often. 

Pastor Vicki Barton

So often when you hear the word "Missions" you think of far away places that you could never afford to go to, but what I love about Missions at Central is that we recognize the mission field is all around us. I don't have to go far outside my door to see that there are a lot of hurt and broken people who need to know the transforming power of Jesus Christ. I get so excited when I see God working through our family at Central - whether it's in El Salvador or at the Central Ministry Center - to advance His Kingdom!