J.O.Y. Fellowship

JOY Fellowship seeks to bring together the older youth of Central. Whether you are 50 or 100 you are called and chosen to speak life into others. You might be planning your retirement or living it out, but God is still calling you to do the work of His Kingdom. 

Through outreaches, events, Bible studies and ministry - JOY Fellowship seeks to advance the Kingdom of God by encouraging and empowering the current and the next generation to live a supernatural life that has been transformed by Jesus Christ.

the pizza nite is right!

JOY Fellowship, Come on Down!!! 

Adults 50+ are invited to the JOY Fellowship Pizza Party. There will be pizza, salad, desserts and a rousing version of The Price is Right. To register click the link below by Tuesday, November 10th. We’ll have more fun than a showcase showdown!

Thursday, November 12

5:00pm • The Fellowship Hall

Donations will be accepted at the door


Bible Studies

We believe that the older will teach the younger, but we also need to be filled and encouraged as well. Part of the way you accomplish this is by joining one of our Bible studies or Groups at Central. You will be uplifted and challenged through the teaching of God's Word. All are welcome to join at any time.

Pastor David Warnock

Nora and I find great pleasure being with our vibrant group of seniors, who are eager to know our Lord more fully and find joy in running the race He has planned for each of them. Our fellowship is truly a small taste of heaven. We call it J.O.Y., which stands for Just Older Youth. Both joy, as a fruit of the Spirit, and "just older youth" encapsulate the character of our good people.