what does it mean to thrive with jesus?

Join a Group at Central and you will:
  • connect with other believers and make disciples
  • be transformed by the word of God
  • be empowered to live supernaturally
  • impact others to advance the kingdom of God

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Registration for the 2023 Spring/Summer Session is coming soon!

Our Winter session ends the week of March 20 - to attend a group listed below contact the church office.



We have a variety of Groups for all ages and stages of life. Check out all the Groups to see where you can thrive with Jesus!

  • EVERY MAN A WARRIOR - Every Man A Warrior is a three volume discipleship Bible study that “helps men succeed in life” and win battles they fight every day. This study calls men into a deep, loving relationship with their Heavenly

    Father. We are confident that men who commit to work through the Every Man A Warrior series, will be profoundly changed. Cost: $20 (one time - for all three volumes in the series)

    Book 1: Wednesdays at 7:00pm • Family Life Center/CCA Rm 106 • Leaders: Steve Roberts & Jim Levers

    Book 2: Wednesdays at 7:00pm • Family Life Center/CCA Rm 101 • Leader: Kyle DeMarino

    Book 3: Wednesdays at 7:00pm • Family Life Center/CCA Rm 102 • Leader: Chi Fisher

    MEN'S NIGHT OUT - Regardless of the stage of a man's walk with God we want to be supportive and encouraging to every guy at Central and within the community at Washington Estates. This is not a traditional bible study or class where we follow along in a book. It is purely relational. There is no commitment to the number of evenings a person has to attend. We want men of Central to participate as the Lord places on their heart to do so. We are excited

    to see hearts transformed and families restored as we launch out into this community. 

    Tuesdays at 7:00pm • Central Ministry Center at Washington Estates • Leader: Michael Turner

  • LADIES BIBLE STUDY - The Gospel on the Ground is the story of how Jesus’ message of hope and reconciliation began to spread from Jerusalem and how it’s still spreading like wildfire today. Join biblical culturalist Kristie McLelland, for a study of the early years of the church as told in the book of Acts. Along the way, you’ll learn that the kingdom of God is always on the move, offering purpose and joy to those longing for true fulfillment, and you’ll come to understand the part you were meant to play in God’s redemptive story.

    Tuesdays at 10:00am (starting February 21) • Rock Student Center • Leaders: Cindi Peterson & Suzette Sprowls

    WINGS (WOMEN IN GOD'S SERVICE) - Calling all women! If you are hungry for more of God, wanting God to use you more, and desiring fellowship with other women, you will enjoy WINGS. We will eat together, laugh, share testimonies, study scripture, and encourage one another to use what we learn. These meetings include a pot luck luncheon. 

    1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month at Noon • Rock Student Center • Leader: Phyllis Neff

    FALVO THRIVE GROUP - Ladies, if you are looking for a smaller group of women to connect with, you are invited to try out a new Thrive Group. Thrive Groups use a simple, biblical model similar to what Jesus used to make disciples. The focus of a Thrive Group is to develop smaller spiritual families while learning how to thrive in God’s Kingdom. The group starting in March will take a deeper look at the readings for the week from the Gospel of John and how to you can apply it to your daily life.

    Wednesdays at 7:00pm  (starting March 15) • CCA Room 206 • Leader: Donna Falvo

    CULTIVATING HOLY BEAUTY - Cultivating Holy Beauty, by Jessie North, is a three-course discipleship curriculum designed to help women become disciples of Jesus Christ, plain and simple! This ministry helps women thrive by discovering their true identity and value in Jesus Christ, based on the Word of God. We believe that when a woman finds her identity in Christ, everything else - marriage, motherhood, life - begins to fall into place. Cultivating Holy Beauty is designed to teach women how to love God with their whole heart, soul, and mind.Cost: $20 (if you have not yet purchased the set)

    Wednesdays at 7:00pm • Family Life Center Room 3 • Leader: Erica Fisher

    CENTRAL MOMS - Moms - are you ready to come alive again?  So many of us feel a little numb. We’ve each lost something or felt disappointed over the past few years and now we are needing a new way to move forward. We need a fresh start. Having a genuine, supportive, honest group of female friends in your circle is one of the biggest life upgrades. God created us to be in community, so this winter will be a time for friendships, courage and purpose.

    2nd Tuesday of the month • Fellowship Hall • Leader: Jamie Andreola

  • CENTRAL YOUNG ADULTS: THE CAREER YEARS - Life after college can be tough. It can be hard to find a place to fit in, where you truly feel understood. This is why we are excited to tell you about a new Career Young Adult Group that will meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at the home of Cody and Emily Blackburn. This will be a great time to connect with other people who are in the same age and stage of life as well as to grow in your walk with the Lord.

    2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm at the Blackburn home • Leaders: Cody & Emily Blackburn

    CENTRAL YOUNG ADULTS: THE COLLEGE YEARS - The college years can be a time of intense growth and change and navigating those can be challenging. You were not meant to figure it all out on your own. This Group will meet you where you are and help you to grow into the person God has created for you to be.

    2nd and 4th Thursdays at 7:00pm at the Harris home • Leaders: Devin & Abby Harris

    CENTRAL YOUNG ADULTS: LIVING LARGE - Connect with the Central Young Adults Facebook Group or email Pastor Vicki to stay in the loop for updated dates, topics and activities!

    1st Tuesday of the month • 7:00pm • Rock Student Center

  • PRAYER WARRIORS - As we spend time with each other and with God, He is responding and encouraging us! Our primary focuses are on our nation, the Church at large, and Central in particular. Come help us build a strong, solid foundation for God's kingdom in our families. 

    Thursdays at 6:30pm • Prayer Room • Leader: Phyllis Neff

    JOY BIBLE FELLOWSHIP - The book of Revelation is without a doubt one of the most interesting books in the entire new testament. Filled with symbolic and apocalyptic language, it can be a real challenge to our understanding. Beginning in September we will be taking a chapter by chapter verse by verse look at this intriguing book. We invite all who would like to attend to meet with us every Wednesday to study together and receive the blessing

    promised in the first chapter of this amazing book.

    Wednesdays at 10:00am • Rock Student Center • Leader: Rev. Jim Levkulich

    THE EPISTLE TO THE HEBREWS - No other book in the New Testament explains the benefits of the New covenant in the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ like the Epistle to the Hebrews. We, who are privileged to enjoy this covenant, are challenged in this book to understand and experience the new testament blessings described therein and to proclaim them to a lost world. We find ,however, that many believers are not experiencing these blessings and are not yet fully aware of their impact on their daily lives. Hopefully this study will awaken a fuller understanding and a greater experiential knowledge of all that our Lord Jesus Christ did to provide the abundant life inherited by each believer in the new covenant he brought to us.

    Wednesdays at 7:00pm • Fellowship Hall • Leader: Rev. Jim Levkulich

    THE MINISTRY OF JESUS -  When we study the Gospels we learn about who Jesus is but we don’t always focus on what He taught. His message of obedience, healing, freedom, operating in love and putting our faith into action are powerful truths we need to operate in today. This group will challenge you to go deeper and live your Christian walk to the fullest. 

    Wednesdays at 7:00pm • Family Life Center Room 1 • Leader: Carl Sprowls

    THE PURPLE BOOK - What is the Purple Book? It’s a 12-part Bible study designed to help you stand firm and grow strong in your Christian life. The Purple Book guides you into a solid understanding of the Bible and provides a strong foundation that no storm in life can demolish - and a heart that’s shaped and guided by the knowledge of God’s Word. 

    Wednesdays at 7:00pm • Family Life Center Room 2/4 • Leader: Tom McKee

    SUPERNATURAL POWER OF A TRANSFORMED MIND - Many Christians believe in miracles but are not experiencing the supernatural as a normal way of life.  However, most of us want to experience a consistent life with a demonstration of Holy Spirit and power (Dunamis) that Jesus made available through the Cross. In Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind, Pastor Bill Johnson delivers practical teachings, revealing how you were designed to bring heaven to Earth and how the importance of stewarding your thought life to line up with God’s word is an important component of experiencing the supernatural. You will learn how to: Walk in forgiveness from sin and forgiveness toward others, let go of guilt, and position yourself for future breakthrough by studying and remembering God's miracles and living by his word. Cost: $30 for book and workbook

    Wednesdays at 7:00pm • Prayer Room • Leader: Pat Mary

    PRAYER: HOW TO RECEIVE ANSWERS FROM HEAVEN - What do you do when your prayers go unanswered? In this class you will learn what the Bible has to say about answered and unanswered prayer while learning how to more effectively receive Heaven's response to your requests.

    Wednesdays at 7:00pm • Facebook Live • Leader: Dr. Michael Cogley

    CALLED TO FREEDOM -  (begins 3/3) Take hold of your purpose, calling, and destiny in Christ! Do not wait!! Discover the how, what, and where of “Spiritual Warfare." Whether you are newly saved or have walked with the Lord for years, this class is for YOU!! Walk in victory over the past! Demolish every “stronghold” and cycle of defeat! Get your breakthrough! Gain insight for ministering to the wounded, broken, and those suffering demonic oppression. Understand the biblical truths of living in continual FREEDOM through Jesus Christ!! Join “Called to Freedom” and step into all that Jesus paid to give you as a child of God. *Childcare is available

    Fridays at 7:00pm • Rock Student Center • Leaders: Troy & Cetina Hendal

  • LIFE RECOVERY AT CENTRAL - Life Recovery at Central is a Bible based 12 step Life Recovery program. Our goal is to help you break the chains of addiction and guide you towards freedom in Jesus Christ. This confidential, judgement free  environment is the perfect place for those struggling with any addiction, such as drugs, alcohol, gambling or food, to gain the freedom and life that Jesus promised us. We’ll meet you where you’re at in your faith and walk alongside you as you take your first steps towards freedom. Contact Barb at 412-228-0702 with any questions.

    Mondays at 7:00pm (starting March 6) • Family Life Center Room 2/4 • Leader: Barb Manderick

    FINANCIAL PEACE UNIVERSITY - This class gives you a step-by-step plan based on commonsense principles that actually make sense. It’s all the things you wish someone had sat down and taught you years ago. And thankfully, it isn’t too late to learn now! Whatever your past, whatever your income, wherever you are with money right now—you don’t have to stay there. You can get the knowledge and motivation to make a change. Fight inflation, get rid of your debt, save more money, invest and find margin in your monthly budget so you can breathe again. *Church scholarships are available for those who complete the course. Cost: $79.99  REGISTER HERE

    Wednesdays at 7:00pm • Family Life Center Room 5 • Leaders: Jena & Darren Bradley

    GRIEFSHARE - This is a 10-week seminar/support group that provides comfort and encouragement to those dealing with the loss of a spouse, child, parent, family member or friend. Griefshare helps you to cope and feel supported as you walk through your time of loss. This group is led by people who understand and want to help you recover and look forward to rebuilding your life. If you do not already have a book (cost:$20)

    Mondays at 6:30pm on Zoom (runs February 6 - May 1) • Leader: Celeste Falvo • Register HERE

    Saturdays at 9:30am in-person (runs February 4 - April 29) • Leaders: Celeste Falvo, Donna Falvo, Pam Westfall & Suzette Sprowls • Register HERE

    GriefShare Facebook

    SAVEONE - SaveOne: A Guide to Emotional Healing After Abortion is for anyone seeking deliverance from the pain and guilt of an abortion. SaveOne will help you pinpoint those debilitating emotions and guide you toward God’s grace and His renewal of your mind. Learn how to rely on your creator so you can deal with the past.

    To register contact Libby directly HERE or call her at 304-715-3012

    Wednesdays at 7:00pm • Parsonage • Leader: Libby Chapman

pastor todd stemple

Discipleship & Connection Pastor

My heart has always been for people to know God and develop a strong relationship with Him. Groups allow you to take what you hear on a Sunday morning and learn how to apply it to your life the rest of the week. I love to see people grow in the Lord and then begin to teach others around them. I encourage everyone to take part in a Group at Central, I know you will be blessed by doing so.