I have told you these things so that you will be filled with my joy. Yes, your joy will overflow!  John 15:11

This year we are taking a journey through the Gospel of John. As we study this account of Jesus' ministry, we pray you experience an overflow of God's presence in your life. So dig deep, pray daily, and experience the power of the word of God.

Weekly Flow


Hear the message from the Gospel of John, and answer these two questions:

  1. What was my main takeaway from the message? 
  2. How will I commit to obey what I learned this week?



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  3. READ the Bible Focus using the "Bible Discovery Method" below, and PRAY using the Prayer Focus daily. 

Bible Discovery Method:

  1. What did I discover about God (Father, Son, or Holy Spirit) in this passage? 
  2. What did I discover about people in the passage? 
  3. How will I commit to obey this passage this week?
  4. With whom will I share what I have learned from this passage? 

WEEK OF November 27

Bible Focus

John 21:1-25


Lord, may my answer always be, "yes," when You call me to follow You. 

bible & prayer focus archive

  • Sunday, November 12

    Bible Focus: John 16:16-33

    Prayer Focus: Father, help me remember Your words in the midst of troubles so I may have Your peace, knowing You have overcome the world.


    Sunday, November 19

    Bible Focus: 1 Chronicles 16:1-36

    Prayer Focus: Lord, I praise Your glorious name and ask for the boldness to declare Your works to the nations.

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    Sunday, November 26

    Bible Focus: John 17: 1-26

    Prayer Focus: Father, just as Jesus prayed You would, continue to: protect us from the evil one, make us holy by Your truth, and teach us Your word.

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  • Sunday, October 29

    Bible Focus: 1 Kings 17:8-15

    Prayer Focus: Jesus, help me to quickly obey when You call me to serve, and thank You in advance for blessing me as You lead me to bless others.


    Sunday, November 5

    Bible Focus: 1 Thessalonians 3:1-13

    Prayer Focus: Lord, make my love increase and overflow for others and for You. 

  • Sunday, October 8

    Bible Focus: John 15:1-17

    Prayer Focus: Jesus, help me prioritize my time with You so I remain in You daily.


    Sunday, October 15

    Bible Focus: John 15:18-25

    Prayer Focus:  Lord, I pray for the strength to stand as a light for You in the midst of this dark world.

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    Sunday, October 22

    Bible Focus: John 15:26-16:15

    Prayer Focus: Lord, help me to walk in truth as I discern the voice of the Holy Spirit.

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  • Sunday, September 3

    Bible Focus: John 13:1-17

    Prayer Focus: Jesus, teach me what it means to truly be a servant!

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    Sunday, September 10

    Bible Focus: 13:18-38

    Prayer Focus: Father, give me boldness and courage to confess my faith in Jesus in all situations.

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    Sunday, September 17

    Bible Focus: John 14:1-14

    Prayer Focus: Lord, lead me into a life that is not troubled by the world's happenings, but one with unwavering hope in You.

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    Sunday, September 24

    Bible Focus: John 14:15-31

    Prayer Focus: Lord, teach me to rely on the Holy Spirit as my advocate as He teaches me Your truth.

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    Sunday, October 1

    Bible Focus: 1 Peter 1:1-25

    Prayer Focus: Father, I ask for a discerning heart to properly and regularly hear the voice of the Lord. 


  • Sunday, July 30

    Bible Focus: John 11:1-37

    Prayer Focus: Father, give me the faith to see Jesus as the resurrection and the life.

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    Sunday, August 6

    Bible Focus: John 11:38-57

    Prayer Focus: Jesus, give me the faith to believe so I will see the glory of God manifested in my life.

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    Sunday, August 13

    Bible Focus: John 12:1-11

    Prayer Focus: Father, give us the same kind of extravagance in worshipping Jesus as Mary had when she anointed His feet.

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    Sunday, August 20

    Bible Focus: John 12:12-19

    Bible Focus: Jesus, let us recognize You as the one true King of all.

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    Sunday, August 27

    Bible Focus: John 12:20-50

    Prayer Focus: Lord, give us faith to hear the words of Jesus and obey them so we can live in the light!

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  • Sunday, July 2

    Bible Focus: John 8:12-59

    Prayer Focus: Lord, help me to stay focused on your work and mission and not be distracted by offense or attacks.


    Sunday, July 9

    Bible Focus: John 9:1-41

    Prayer Focus: Jesus, let Your works be displayed in me so that others will see You and be saved, healed and set free.

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    Sunday, July 16

    Bible Focus: July 10:1-21

    Prayer Focus: Lord, give me the proper discernment to hear Jesus' voice as the Good Shepherd of my life.

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    Bible Focus: 10:22-42

    Prayer Focus: Father God, thank you for being greater than all others and sending Jesus so I will never be snatched out of Your hand.

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  • SUNDAY, MAY 21

    Bible Focus: John 6:1-15

    Prayer Focus: Father, I pray everything I give to You would be multiplied, including my time, treasure and talents.


    Sunday, May 28

    Bible Focus: John 6:16-42

    Prayer Focus: Jesus, remind me that I do not need to fear the storms of life because You are always with me.


    SUNDAY, June 4

    Bible Focus: John 6:25-71

    Prayer Focus: Lord, give me a greater hunger and thirst for Your presence. 


    Sunday, June 11

    Bible Focus: John 7:1-24

    Prayer Focus: Father, give me radical obedience to do your will every day of my life.

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    Sunday, June 18

    Bible Focus: John 7:25-52

    Prayer Focus: Jesus, let rivers of living water flow from within me to benefit myself and others.

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    Sunday, June 25

    Bible Focus: John 8:1-11

    Prayer Focus: Father, help me to judge wisely, give grace freely, and take responsibility for my own life. 

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    Bible Focus: John 4:43-54

    Prayer Focus: Jesus, give me the faith to take you at your word every time - all the time.



    Bible Focus: John 5:1-15

    Prayer Focus: Lord, help me believe that You want me to be healed and made whole.



    Bible Focus: John 5:16-30

    Prayer Focus: Father, I desire to be like Jesus in everything I do and everywhere I go. 



    Bible Focus: Hebrews 11:1-40

    Prayer Focus: Lord, help me to live my life as an example of great faith in you.

    Sunday, May 14

    Bible Focus: John 5:31-47

    Prayer Focus: Jesus, I believe in You and I pray my life bears witness to that everywhere I go. 


  • Bible Focus

    Monday: John 18:1-14
    Tuesday: John 18:15-27
    Wednesday: John 18:28-40
    Thursday: John 19:1-16
    Friday: John 19:17-42

    Saturday: John 20:1-31


    Father, I ask that you fill me with overwhelming hope knowing the reality that I serve a risen King!

    Good Friday Slides

    Easter sermon slides


    Bible Focus: John 2:13-25

    Prayer Focus: Father, give me the same zeal that Jesus has for the things of Your Kingdom.


    Sunday, March 12

    Bible Focus: John 3:1-21

    Prayer Focus: Father, give me faith to believe what I do not see and let me testify of Your great love.

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    Sunday, March 19

    Bible Focus: John 3:22-36

    Prayer Focus: Lord, give me a right perspective to worship Jesus as the One who is above it all!

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    Bible Focus: John 4:1-42

    Prayer Focus: Jesus, I pray You would give me life-changing encounters with You as I drink from Your living water.


  • SUNDAY, February 5th

    Bible Focus: John 1-18

    Prayer Focus: Father, reveal to me the fullness of who Jesus is, and let me experience His glory.

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    Sunday, February 12th

    Bible Focus: John 1:19-34

    Prayer Focus: Jesus, baptize me fresh with Your Holy Spirit, and empower me to be a voice in this dark world, so I can prepare the way for others to know the Lord.


    SUNDAY, February 19th

    Bible Focus: John 1:35-51

    Prayer Focus: Lord, help me to live a life of surrender so I will follow you wherever you lead me.


    SUNDAY, February 26th

    Bible Focus: John 2:1-12

    Prayer Focus: Father, fill me with the water from Your Holy Spirit, so I may overflow with new wine.


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But these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.   -John 20:31