bible quiz

Bible Quiz is a discipleship ministry for kids 2nd through 12th grade that motivates students to memorize and apply the truths in God's Word through exciting team competition, small group discipleship, and fellowship with other kids. The best part is that young people are building a spiritual foundation on God's Word!

We are kicking off a new season, and we welcome you to join us! 

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  • Junior Bible Quiz

    2nd - 5th Grade

    JBQ quizzers study 105 Bible verses and 471 other Biblical facts over a 3-year cycle. Bible Fact-Pak flash cards are used to learn, and quizzers compete in one of two divisions according to their level of experience and ability. 




  • Teen bible quiz

    6th - 12th Grade

    TBQ quizzers focus on a particular book or books of the Bible each year and study from an NLT 2015 Scripture portion book that each quizzer receives. There are multiple divisions with different amounts of material to study. Question difficulty also varies, so that quizzers of all abilities can contribute to the success of their team.




Pastor David Warnock

As a father of four, I place great value in what Bible Quiz has done in the life of my family. Bible Quiz is a passion of mine that has been a wonderful devotional tool to help my wife and me disciple our children. Quizzing has placed faith-building facts in the minds of my children that they will be able to recall the rest of their lives. Now as young adults, my kids have a firm foundation on God's Word to be able to combat the enemy and receive all that God has for them.