welcome home to central!

We want to provide an environment where  everyone feels comfortable. Please review our Relaunch Plan below so you know what to expect whenever you choose to return in-person to Central. 


Central's three stage plan

We will move from one stage to the next as we observe and evaluate the impact of COVID-19 in our local area and in Washington County. There are no dates set to move from one to another, but we will clearly communicate when changes occur. 

  • Updated Central App

    Before attending in person, please download our new Central App and enable push notifications. The new app platform will make connecting easier for everyone and as you will see below help aid in creating a touchless service experience. 

    For instructions and download information click HERE

  • New Service Times

    Our new service times are 8:30am and 10:30am. Both services will be in-person and online. You are encouraged to participate however you are most comfortable at this time. 

    How early should I arrive? 

    Doors will open at 8:10am for first service. Due to intense cleaning between services, please arrive at 10:10am or later for second service. 

    Where do I enter? 

    Both the main and McGovern Road entrances will be open. You will be directed to the main foyer before being seated. 

  • Central Kids

    Central Kids Ministries have resumed meeting on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights.  This includes Super Church, Nursery and Preschool. You are welcome to bring your children, but we completely understand if you want to enjoy service from home during this season. During the 10:30am service you can watch the Super Church service on the Central Kids YouTube Channel HERE.

  • Masks

    We have remained diligent to stay in close communication with our local police and Washington County government, and have found that our current precautions are appropriate for church gatherings:  Masks are strongly encouraged, but not required.

  • Touchless Experience

    We are offering a touchless experience, with the doors being held open for you and our Pastors and Serving Teams not offer handshakes or hugs in this season. Although a limited number of bulletins will be printed, we will not hand them out, but they will be available in the foyer. We will not pass offering baskets or communion. 

    Can I shake someone’s hand or hug them if both of us are okay with it?

    Our Pastoral and Serving Teams will be diligent to not offer handshakes and hugs in this season, therefore offering a touchless experience. This is our way of honoring those who are cautious and high risk. You are encouraged to honor one another in the same way by not putting someone in a position to have physical contact when they are uncomfortable doing so. At the same time, we trust you know who your closest friends are and we will not police your cordial interactions with those who you are most comfortable with. 

    Hand Sanitizer Stations

    We will have multiple hand sanitizer stations throughout our foyer for your convenience. All guests are strongly encouraged to utilize hand sanitizer upon arrival. 


    We will have a digital bulletin, with links to any important documents, available on our website and on our new app. If you do not have a smartphone, or would prefer a hardcopy of our bulletin, there will be a limited number available in the foyer. 

    Connection Card

    Whether you participate online or in-person, you are encouraged to continue using our digital Connection Card and Prayer Request forms that are on our website and our new app. This is just as effective as the hardcopy. However, there will be a limited number of bulletins with the Connection Card attached available in our foyer. If you complete a hard copy Connection Card, please place it in the Offering Drop-Boxes located at each exit. 

    Giving Tithes & Offerings

    You are encouraged to continue giving online or on our new app. If you give with cash or check, there are Offering Drop-Boxes at the exit of each sanctuary door where you can place your tithes and offerings. We still believe giving is a part of our worship to God, but we want to do it in a sanitary way by not passing the offering bags.


    On the weeks when we have communion, you will pick up a pre-packaged communion cup in the foyer on your way into the sanctuary. This packaging has self-contained juice and bread. We will not be passing the communion trays at this time.  

    Spaced Seating

    We will have serving team members guide you to your desired section for seating. Once there, you will be assisted to a pew where you, along with any family members, will sit spaced approximately 6 feet from other guests in the same pew. Children and youth are required to sit with their parents until further notice. Only every other pew will be used for seating to offer even more space to feel safe and comfortable.


    I’m comfortable sitting close to my friends, so can I decline spaced seating?

    We ask that everyone partner with us so we can offer a spacious environment for all. We will focus on making others feel welcomed and comfortable, rather than our own personal comfort levels.


    What if an overflow area is needed for seating?

    If we reach the maximum capacity that can be seated in the main sanctuary, you will be guided to the Fellowship Hall in the FLC to view the service on the large screen. The same precautions will be followed.

    Connecting in the Foyer

    Family is one of our values at Central, so we recognize the need for personal connection and friendship between our members. However, during this season, our focus is on social distancing and cleaning between and after services, so we ask that you do not stop and talk in groups in our foyer. You are welcome to do that outside so we can keep the flow of people moving.  

  • Cleaning & Sanitization

    All high-touch surfaces will be cleaned in between and after each service. We will use a high performing solution to clean the tops of pews, door handles, counter tops, bathrooms and other surfaces that may be touched by guests and volunteers. This includes our main foyer and sanctuary as well as the Rock for our Hispanic services.   

  • Those Who Are Sick

    First and foremost, we believe Jesus is our healer and that divine healing is God’s will. If you are currently sick, showing symptoms, or have a fever, we ask that you participate in our online services. Please contact the church so a pastor can minister to you!

    Will you be taking temperatures as people arrive?

    We will not be taking temperatures at the church, but ask that if you are having any symptoms of illness, you take your temperature at home. If you have a fever or symptoms, then participate online until you have recovered.  

  • Adult Groups & Youth

    Our Adult Groups continue to meet in a variety of locations (online, on campus and in homes), visit our GROUPS page for all the information you will need to connect with a Group at Central. 

    Rock Student Ministries meets Wednesdays at 7:00pm at the Rock Student Center. To learn more visit our Student Ministries page.