A note from pastor aristides

On behalf of the members of the community on the Tasajera Island, we are very grateful to God for joining us with Central in the Tilapia Project. This help is very important for the community because it gives us the opportunity of economic income. In an environment of extreme poverty (as sea fishing is running out), the association with Central Assembly of God is a response of our prayers and helps us to spread the gospel in our community and our country. Thank you very much to our American brothers for loving us, the people of Tasajera Island. We are very grateful for all the help we have received.

the island

Isla Tasajera is a 13-square-mile island off the southern coast of El Salvador with two villages and approximately 1,845 people.

Tilapia Project

Central is currently partnering with the people of Tasajera Island to complete a fully operational Tilapia Farm that is a Kingdom enterprise; operating in a Kingdom culture with fully trained and engaged individuals. We have taken initiative to train individuals not only in the ways of fish farming, but more importantly, how to live a spiritually vibrant life for the Lord.