it's time to put jesus at the center of it all

The book of Ephesians is power packed with strong theology and practical application. Both of which should be active in our everyday lives. As we press on through this pandemic and beyond, we will find our greatest strength by keeping Jesus at the center of everything. Ephesians equips us to do just that. 


During the summer months, we will explore half of a chapter each Sunday. This will allow us to slow down and digest what Paul is writing, and apply it to our lives. You will also receive a journal that you can print and use to prepare for each Sunday by reading the verses, and seeking the Holy Spirit for what these passages mean for your own life. 


Whether you choose to connect online or attend in-person, this can be a meaningful moment in your life as God speaks to you through our Jesus-Centered series.

tools to use during this series

  • Jesus-Centered Journal - we have created a journal to help you as you study the book of Ephesians. Print out a JOURNAL or use it as a guide as you journal on your own. The journal uses the "Up-In-Out" Method to help you go deeper into the scriptures: UP – what are these verses saying about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and my relationship with Him? IN - what are these verses saying about how I can care for, and serve other believers? OUT - what are these verses saying about how I can reach non-believers?  Listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying and then share with others what you are learning and how you are growing.

  • Online Resources - use these reliable online resources to go deeper into the book of Ephesians. Take time to click around and see what study tools each site offers.                                                                        

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