Fueling the fire in those called to vocational ministry

Fuel Sessions will be held regularly at Central Assembly of God’s Fellowship Hall. Those from other churches who are also called to vocational ministry are welcome to attend.


Has been postponed

due to the rise of COVID-19 cases in our area


People feeling called to vocational ministry, and those serving in it already, can have a hard time finding others to connect with who understand them and their unique calling. This can make the journey to vocational ministry, and the life of ministry, challenging. The church is called to be a ‘sending agency,’ so we want to provide a solution.

Who is this for?

Fuel is for those sensing a call to part-time or full-time vocational ministry. This includes students considering their future path, as well as those called to local church ministry, evangelism, missions, itinerant ministry, parachurch ministry, and other roles that equip the body of Christ according to Ephesians 4:11-13.

What's the purpose?

The purpose is to add ‘spiritual fuel’ to the fire burning within these individuals while providing a relational network for encouragement and growth.

sessions will include

  • Relational connecting (youth will have their own table to connect)  
  • Anointed teaching from various leaders  
  • Times for prayer, the prophetic and impartation Discussing God-given dreams and passions with others who can relate
  • Processing your journey with others of similar calling  
  • Supporting one another through encouragement and idea-sharing