THIS JANUARY our church family will launch into the new year with Accelerate. This will be a month focused on aligning ourselves, our families and our church with God’s purposes and plans in order to experience divine acceleration. By faith we believe that in 2019 we will move forward in God with increased speed, greater momentum, the proper resources, and true biblical confidence. I believe God wants to accelerate specific areas of our lives to make this the most successful and effective year we have ever experienced.

On Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights I will be preaching from the book of Joshua. We will explore how God accelerated the Israelites into the Promised Land after 40 years of desert living. God desires to do this same kind of acceleration in your life this year! If you’ve been facing extreme spiritual attack, feel stuck in a season of waiting, experiencing the consequences of past sin, running from God’s call on your life, or if you are being held back by others - God is preparing you for divine acceleration!

In Christ, 

Pastor Kurt & Charisse